Tongue Tie Patient Handouts

Stretches - The Gauze Method

This handout is for parents whose children have received a lip or tongue revision and are doing stretches.

If you are having trouble doing the tongue stretches, try using this alternate method using gauze to "stick" to the tongue, giving the user some traction for a few seconds.  Change out the gauze when the dry side is soaked with saliva and no longer sticks to the tongue. By using a dry gauze, and pushing down on the chin slightly, this  gives the user more traction and you can use a finger to push back the gauze that is sticking to the tongue, which gives you traction that you would not normally have. 

Case Report - 3month old with breastfeeding difficulties

This case report outlines the journey of a 3month old healthy male who presented with problems with breastfeeding.   The pictures presented are before the laser revision, right after laser revision, and 1 month after laser revision. A couple key points: