Why our website is so terrible   =)

Hi.  Thanks for taking the time to specifically visit this small part of our website, entitled "Why our website is so terrible."  It may seem strange to have a page dedicated solely to explaining why our website looks a little homegrown, with no bells and whistles, and text that requires just a little bit too long of an attention span. But read on- hopefully you'll smile just a little bit as you read it.

Reason #1 - We aren't "Big time", we don't have giant bags of money, and we aren't a massive multi-city or multi-state corporation. So, we don't have fancy programmers that copy everyone else's website, along with filling your computer or smartphone with pop-ups, chatbots, poorly-made tiktok videos, or reels of teeny-boppers doing dance moves in LA .  We're a family-owned, local practice, and I'm sitting here at night, putting in the information that (hopefully) parents really want to know.  Because we are a local family-owned practice, we're using the free website tool that google doesn't charge for. So, our website is terrible mostly for that reason. But a little bit of the other reasons also. Read on.

Reason #2 - Most people that visit our website are basically here to figure out: 1) Are we a legit business or a bunch of hackers sitting around being bored? 2) Are there actual specialists at this specialty practice (not a general practice) that are certified and skilled at working with children? 3) Are parents allowed back with their children? and 4) Are you actually open on fridays? Because no other dental practice is.   You can peruse our website, but the answer to all 4 of those questions is a resounding YES. 

Reason #3 - and the final, and very real reason that our website looks so terrible is that no matter what a website looks like from the outside, the "good stuff" of our practice is what's on the inside.  What our people are like. What our doctors are like.  How well trained our staff are when working with children who may be anxious.  And how we're going to take the time to be patient and compassionate with your child, when they're having a difficult time.  That's the real reason you want to choose Oxford Pediatric Dentistry.  

See? That wasn't so bad.  The take home message here is that we spent all of our energy being the best versions of ourselves as part of the Oxford Pediatric Dentistry team, so that we can be there for you and your kids.  Also, websites get old, and are hard to update with new information.  For the latest news and updates, check out our socials (Facebook and Instagram) and you can also click on "Blog/Updates". 


The Oxford Pediatric Dentistry Team