Financial and insurance information

Don't worry, we handle the grown-up stuff with the same care and attention that we give the kid stuff. When issuing payment, we encourage you to ask us about any questions you have regarding insurance, coverages, and fees. 

We are committed to helping every family use their dental insurance benefits in a way that helps children to have little teeth and big smiles. 

Your best interests are our top priority. We always want to make sure we're able to provide the best possible treatment for our patients, and we don't want your child's treatment options to be influenced by an insurance company executive. We are not in-network with any insurance company, but we're glad to help you by filing your claims with any of them. We provide electronic claims submission and file all insurance claims (except Medicaid and NC Healthchoice) as a benefit for patients.  We also accept CareCredit for those who want a financing option. 

Call us at 919-693-9555 to speak with us about your payment options.